We’re All Sick!

I don’t know what we came down with, but my entire family (but my dad) is sick, currently. My mom seems to be getting better, my sister isn’t getting better, I’m just starting to come down with it. My throat is bothered and my voice is getting rough. Apparently my cousin (who got it first) has bronchitis. I hope that’s not what we’re getting, too.

I forgot to post last weekend! I don’t quite know why.

I took my history exam on Thursday and I think the only thing I could’ve studied more were the Space Race and the maps of WWI and WWII. Other than that I think I did pretty good- I didn’t leave any questions unanswered for once! Today my movie class watched what short films were finished and there was one with really good cinematography. I was impressed and envied them, mine isn’t nearly as pretty. Though, it being a vlog-style short horror film, I suppose it isn’t really supposed to be pretty. But, either way, I kind of still wish there was a way I could make mine that pretty, but it’s due on Monday and the film I’m working on is the only idea I currently have.

Annnnd my cat is spazzing out.

I have a bunch of plans for February- I might ask my dad to drive me to a few places so I can fill out and drop off resumés. I’m also going to be starting to go to the gym in February as I choose to have a spare in my second period slot, so I’m going with a friend. Maybe I’ll do that this weekend as well. I need to make a to-do list for this weekend, honestly, or I’ll never get anything finished. My friend and I are going to finish shooting the last few scenes of my short film on Sunday, hopefully. Wish me luck.

So I cleaned my fish’s tank today and he seems pretty pleased; I’d been putting it off for a week because I wanted to get water conditioner before I cleaned it again. My cousin’s tank smells so bad, so hopefully she’ll be cleaning that tomorrow. The filters are getting on my nerves, one doesn’t even work properly. It sounds like it’s grinding rocks. She also really needs to get a proper lid for the damn thing. Maybe once I get a job I can do all these things for her since she can’t seem to.

My friend let me borrow her watercolors and I’m excited to test them out, they’re really good quality and it’ll let me know whether they’re worth buying or not. I have a list of things to buy in February too, so hopefully I get a job soon so I can afford said things. If I don’t get accepted the first time I’ll try again towards the middle of the month. If not then I’ll start applying for more volunteer positions to build up my resumé (and to finish my community service hours).

So yeah, that’s about all that happened this week. Oh, I also have to resend off a package and record a YouTube video, as well as reorganizing my room and such.

Until next time, folks!

(Also, have you guys seen Resident Evil 7? I’m watching a bunch of playthroughs of it and it looks so cool!)


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