Semester Two has Started

So, semester two has started and we’ve already had one snow day, I had to take a day off because of anxiety, and something happened today at lunch, though I don’t know what it was, just that it was bad enough for my teacher to mention it.

So, my classes go like this: urban arts, a spare, English, then psych. My school has this weird system though where every other week they switch the last two periods around. They call it four-three weeks. I don’t fully understand why they do it, but I don’t really have any reason to question it. It’s just a slight inconvenience for me because I forget where I have to go. Thankfully, I have English with two of my friends and psych with another one, so at least they can help. If they weren’t there I’m sure I’d figure it out, it’d just take longer. In my spare I’m supposed to be going to the gym with one of my friends, so I got that pass this week. I haven’t gotten the chance to go though, she didn’t want to go yesterday and today it was far too snowy. I’m not complaining.

I’m currently helping my best friend’s boyfriend buy gifts for them, since he lives so far away. It’s kinda like a collab gift from the two of us. Why? Because I can, really. I get it from my mom; she raised me to do things just because I can, as long as it’s positive, really. I wish I could be as generous as her when it came to people I didn’t know, though. Or people I don’t like. I guess I get that from my dad.

I finally re-mailed that package in the picture (it got sent back because the address was missing a part) and I have to finish the psych homework that you see there. I also finally filled out my calendar and cleaned my room today, and this weekend I’m dragging my dad out to buy Valentine’s gifts for my mom. I might pick up each of my friends something small, not sure yet. Maybe I’ll just buy them a candy gram. I really gotta make a list of all the stuff I gotta get. It’s not a lot, but it helps me organize stuff better when I can see what it is I still need right in front of me.

So yeah, that’s been my week. My leg hurts and I’m kinda tired, though I forgot to take my sleeping meds. Could explain why I’m so shaky right now. I’m gonna write in my journal, update my bullet journal, then probably go to sleep or read, or try to do either of those things.



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