Does anyone else hide in the bathroom when they’re stressed out?

Whether it be the school bathroom, a public bathroom or my own household’s bathroom, if I get stressed out and over stimulated that’s where I go. There’s just something about the almost-silence echo that seems to de-clog my brain and let it chill so I don’t have a complete mental breakdown.

I often end up having a long shower when I do this (at home, of course) and sit in the bottom of the bathtub just thinking until I’m no longer thinking until the water starts to run cold. I have to drench my hair sometimes just to actually make it look like I was actually having a shower rather than just sitting there zoning out, wasting water.

The sound of water running is especially what brings me back to reality, or lets me drift out of it. The full sound of it filling the entire room makes everything else sound soft to me (at least until my family starts to complain that they need the bathroom, of course.) I don’t know why this one place and these sounds in particular calm me down, but they do.

Do you have a calm place?



  1. The bathroom is everyones Narnia when we need to run away from this world. I can stay there for at least an hour sometimes, just thinking sitting at the bathtub, and THEN the LOOOOONG shower. To seal the deal lol!


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