Semester Two, a Continuation.


God, am I glad that March Break starts this weekend. I’m sure the school would’ve gone up in flames if they had it any later.

This week, apparently someone smashed someone else over the head with a guitar, just yesterday there was a fight big enough that the police had to be called and someone’s tires got slashed.

What the hell?

I honestly have never felt more unsafe than I do in this school. Not once did I see a fight at my old school, and I’m pretty sure that the only time the police were called was because someone brought alcohol to a dance party.

Honestly, I have no idea why people are so violent at this school. There’s not even the, “The two schools are rivaling,” excuse because usually the fights are between those of the same school.

I just don’t get it. God, I hope people cool down after March Break and all of this was just because people were so hyped up and anxious to get out.


In other news, I secured myself a paper route. I’ll be doing two blocks and getting paid around seventy to eighty-five bucks twice a month. That’s more than enough for my needs.

I’ll definitely be saving up during that time. Apparently the job comes with life insurance, so that’s a bonus.

I’ll still be applying at different Tim’s locations (because y’know, it seems more like an actual job) but so far I’ve had no luck with those guys.
Until next time.


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